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Dreams And Their Meanings

With Our Free Dream Dictionary

Trying to get a free dream analysis? What's does pregnancy mean in a dream? What does teeth falling out in a dream mean?

Welcome to DreamsInterpreted.net where we aim to provide you with your first steps to learning how to interpret dreams. You can search our dream dictionary by browsing the alphabetical listing or you can use the search box on the left above.

 Abandon to Axe Baby to Buzzard Cab to Cymbal Dagger to Dynamo
Eagle to Eyeglasses Fables to Future Gaiter to Gypsy Haggard to Hysop
Ice to Ivy Jackdaw to Justice Kaleidoscope to Krishna Label to Lyre
Macademize to Mystery Nails to Nymph Oak to Oyster Shells Pacify to Pyramid
Quack Doctor to Quoits Rabbit to Rye Saddle to Syringe Table to Typhoid
Ugly to Usurper Vaccinate to Vultures Wading to Writing Yacht to Yule Log
Zebra to Zoo

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